Branded QR Code- Luxury Brands Are Into It Now!

After the monochromatic black and white QR codes, branded QR codes have become an important asset in business marketing. They are becoming prominent every single day with a majority of business owners incorporating them in their advertisements.

The question is, “Are visual QR codes are as fascinating as business owners and consumers claim? Or this is just another marketing tool or strategy that won’t last for long.

Follow us through this post and we’ll let you know some reasons why big brands are all moving to customized tractable visual QR codes.

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QR Codes and Their Simplicity

Established business owners are well known for the fact that the branding market is extremely competitive and it is important for marketers to keep one step ahead of their competitors. In this environment, using visual QR codes over regular QR codes can be highly effective.

Not so long ago, brand owners wanted to incorporate the concept of QR codes. They have seen QR codes as a new innovation to use in marketing campaigns.

As a result, designers and artists are forced to add QR codes that are requested by their bosses. But QR codes as they are, black and white are not so appealing to the eyes. They limit the overall creativity of artists and designers.

So why is it important?

Design and recognizability is the key and the answer. The simple reason how people can recognize your QR codes because your logo or color scheme is incorporated is a big plus in making sure you achieve that presence and visibility.

I myself tend to go for interesting, colorful, and beautiful QR codes than those black and white squares. In this way, big brands have availed the use of visual QR code because it can effectively implement to ensure high website traffic or product sales.

This also lets the business owners, companies, and even consumers stay ahead of their competitors and this is one of the few reasons why visual QR codes are thriving all around the world.

branded qr code

Image of a visual QR campaign of Luis Vuitton in Tokyo/ Japan Takashi Murakami 

Image Source

Let’s take an example of Louis Vuitton, a recognized brand worldwide, using visual QR codes for their business marketing. We see that the use of QR codes is growing quickly, in China, South Korea, and Japan, and not just for marketing purposes.

Brands like Louis Vuitton are continuing to use visual QR codes as their marketing purpose. You might have also seen some well-known companies calming QR codes are as worse as useless.

Well, the difference between the companies who get success and increase sales using QR codes versus the companies who use this technology and fails depends upon the strategy being implemented.       

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Practical Use of Visual QR codes

If you’re looking to have this luxury QR code integrated into your brand. Here is the list of some methods that have been used all around the world – as well as some that I hope you will notice in the market in the very near future.

  • Your visiting card or business card
  • Your marketing materials i.e. brochures, posters, cards, etc.
  • The sides of your product packaging
  • The sides of trucks and trailers that tend to move all around the country
  • Event Tickets front or back
  • Sale Receipts
  • Restaurant Menus where people may scan the code while waiting for the order

In the end, I would like to say that creating a customized visual QR code is as much creativity as science. The mathematical design of visual QR code and the impact of unique design can truly affect a business ahead of its competition.

It’s only a matter of your time you will feel a dramatic change in customer engagement. However, make sure all marketing strategies are employed correctly and effectively.   

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Where to customize your QR codes?branded qr code custom qr codes

QRTiger offers customized QR code or visual codes. The customization of these QR codes is up to you and to your needs and demands.

To make a customized QR code or visual QR code on QRTiger is very easy and quick to set-up with our free customized QR code generator. Here's a quick run-through on how:

Step 1 Select the type

Select the type of QR code you need.

Decide and select the type QR code that fits well with your brand identity and product requirements and needs.

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Step 2 Add the data

Add the data for the type of QR code that you selected. Depending on the type of QR code data you've chosen; enter the content for the visual QR code such as your business's website, your brand's social media platform, product promos, customer reviews, and feedback, etc.

Step 3 Customize and adjustbranded qr code customize and adjust

Design your visual QR code. Change shape, eyes, and the color of your visual QR code using our handy color picker. You can add your logo or any other image you want on your QR page.

Step 4 Download

Download your completed free visual QR code image. A range of different formats is available for your free QR code.

create a QR code

Your Business Tracker

branded qr code business trackerOne more reason why brands go for visual QR codes is that you can track data of your visual QR code that delivers important data of your marketing campaigns!  You can track the following things:

  • How many people scan your QR code. (Total number and unique scans)
  • Where people scan your QR code. (The geographic location)
  • When people scan your QR code. (Hour by hour, in real-time)
  • How long individuals spend on your website after scanning your QR code.
  • The total number of website pages individuals view after scanning your QR code.
  • Types of devices and phones used to scan your QR code (i.e. Android, iPhone, etc.).

Branded QR Code: The New Thing

Your presence and visibility is one big factor in a successful marketing campaign. Brands are now into customized QR codes as they are very important to give off a mark and statement to customers.

Don't forget to add call-to-action statements to your customized QR codes, and you're good to go. They will surely make a mark on your loyal and new customers.

Many established and famous brands are using QRTiger’s customized QR generator for their marketing campaigns now. With a customized QR code, you can get up to 30% more scans as people are attracted by an appealing design. Create yours now in QRtiger and it would be an honor for us to be a big help in your successful marketing campaign.

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