QR codes on Tickets: Ticket QR and How to Use Them

Adding QR codes on tickets is a great way to provide more information especially when you have such a small canvas. Tickets of any kind can be difficult and hard to design. So here's a tip: you can now opt for a clean design and still be able to provide information.    

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What's Exactly a QR code?qr codes on tickets what is a qr code

Before we dig in the use of QR codes on tickets, let's backtrack a little on what a QR code does. QR codes are like UPC barcodes - except that it's a much better-upgraded version.

Instead of storing numeric values like a barcode, a QR code can contain any type of information. A QR code can be your offline link to your online channels like your website, payment systems, ebooks, audios, and videos. 

QR codes can be scanned from a smartphone. This means that all you have to do is scan the QR code once and all the necessary details will show.

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Why QR codes are great to use on Tickets?

These attributes and specs make QR codes the best tool for check-in systems - which conversely makes QR code on tickets perfect. (Click: Types of QR codes)

Each QR code can represent a unique check-in URL. When a ticket is scanned once, admin or organizers can see it and grant access to the event; while also making sure only authenticated persons can be granted.

Dynamic QR codes can be tracked and can be created in bulk. You can generate thousands of unique QR codes in bulk at the same time you create one QR code. You can save time, money, and loads of effort. 

How to use QR codes on Tickets?

1. Be Creative While Designing Your Ticketsqr codes on tickets

In the tight marketing world today, there is certainly no room for old fashioned methods. One needs to be creative to catch the eye of customers in a business setup, and that goes for tickets, too!

Tickets can be of any sort- they can be a flight ticket, a lottery ticket, or even a concert ticket, but designing them with a unique QR code logo can be your best move. It will not only give your tickets an attractive look but will also serve many other purposes.

For example, the lottery tickets can have a QR code with an extra promotional coupon for the winners. A QR code on flight tickets can keep the passengers updated about the schedule. Moreover, in music or sports events, easy access has been made possible with the help of QR codes.

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create a QR code

2. Create QR code in bulk

Make QR codes in bulk for your tickets. This means that every QR code gets a unique number and you can easily follow which QR code is already scanned and which one is not!

On QRTiger it's easy to make QR codes in bulk by uploading a CVS file or by entering the number of QR codes you need for your business. The great thing is that every QR code will look the same to your clients. 

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3. Make Your Tickets More than Just a Pass!qr codes on tickets example

The main purpose of tickets is usually to provide entree to the event. But with a QR code, your tickets can be an incredible promotional medium.

There are literally multiple ways to do that.  For instance, a simple Facebook QR code on your ticket can help people trace the developments easily. Also, it is a great way to keep engaging your audience.

More importantly, social media promotions can be more interesting with a QR code generator with a logo. With the help of it, one can enable people to share their experiences immediately with just a link to the feedback section.

Yes to QR Code Tickets!

Last, but not the least, QR codes can be made in bulk. Including them on tickets is easier, convenient, and enables a lot of smart spacing for design.  Therefore, it can almost be a sin to take QR codes for granted when designing a ticket! What do you think? Share your thoughts about this article in our comment section.

Very important to add a call for action for people to scan! It will straight improve your scanning rates!

It's also important to make use of dynamic QR code as they can help you in updating all your information behind your QR codes like URL instantly and Dynamic QR codes allow you to track valuable consumer data!

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